The Fall of Video Games

This post is highlighting the 2 games I am most excited about this fall.


What you say this is a misleading title?

Title 1:

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Particularly on Vita

Right now it shows that it will have the same open world that the console counter parts have. If so SAWEEEET!

Title 2:

Borderlands 2

Do I need to say more?


As always I an thechydude and you just found more of my faves.


Leapin’ Joysticks!

2 Awesome things for you on this Wednesday.

First- Leap Motion

This is the new standard for motion input. Super accurate, super small and surprisingly inexpensive.
Comming out this holiday for just $79
Learn more and pre-order @ Leap Motion

Second- Motion Joy

If you play games on a computer, you know that some of them are designed for use with the Xbox 360 gamepad.

If your like me you don’t want to spend money in getting the wireless controller adapter for windows, or get an extra wired controller you don’t need, but you have a Dualshock 3 controller lying around your house.

I know an unlikely situation.

Solution: Download Motion Joy’s DS3 Tool
(Link takes you to download page.)

This lets you use your Dualshock 3 controller as an Xbox360 gamepad on you PC or Mac.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Chy’s Faves.

Until next time